Limited Releases

  • Edition Series

    An exploration into our approach to whisky making, exposing the detail of its creation and showcasing the absolute skill of our Whisky Makers.

  • The Macallan In Lalique

    A partnership between the two iconic brands, founded on a shared belief in the value of craftsmanship, artistry and the pursuit of perfection.

  • Masters of Photography

    The Macallan story has been brought to life through the lens of some of the world’s most legendary photographers, one chapter at a time.

  • Flask 2

    A unique collaboration to transform the traditionally small and simple everyday object of a whisky flask into something extraordinary.

  • 50 Years Old – 2018 Release

    The Macallan 50 Years Old – 2018 Release has slowly matured over five extraordinary decades and is defined by years of dedication and craftsmanship.